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To all dancers and their families,

Registration for dancing has changed considerably in 2018. We have new processes in place and have introduced a new system for the cleaning of the hall. All the information you need can be found down below.

Registration Fees

$120.00 for masters’ members; masters are not to be included in the multiple child discount

$120.00 for first child

$110.00 for second child of same immediate family

$100.00 for third child of same immediate family

Free for fourth child and above of same immediate family

Registration Days

This year registration will be held across 3 official registration days.

Senior Group: Wednesday, 15th January

Junior, Intermediate and Masters: Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th February

Times TBD

Cleaning the Hall

In the past we have had rosters done for all dancers regarding the weekly cleaning of the hall. While this was in place, many parents did not show on their rostered days, leaving other rushing to cover their allotted day. This year, in order to avoid putting unfair pressure on the same few people each week, there will be an additional $50 charge to each family upon registration in order to cover the cleaning costs for the hall. This $50 may be returned to that family if they choose to attend one rostered cleaning day in the 2018 year. A roster will be made up again this year, and should an individual be unable to attend their allocated day, then that $50 will not be returned to them, and will be put towards the hiring of a cleaner for that day. Once the roster is made it will be available on our Facebook Page and our new website.

Please also note that while in the past we may have offered families the option to make a payment plan, this will not be available this year unless it is discussed with the president, Cveta Taleski, prior to the relevant registration date. These dates are the 15th of January for the Senior Group Dancers, and the 3rd of February for all other dancers.

Please be aware that payment is expected on the day, and that you or your children will not be permitted into the hall for training until that payment has been processed.

Payment can be made through either cash, cheque or, as of this year, online bank transfer. If you wish to make a payment through an online banking account, please be aware that it will have to occur on the registration day in the presence of one of our committee members, where the receipt number will be taken as a proof of payment.

In addition we will be introducing a rotating roster for food and raffle donations for our events that will be drafted once all the official registrations have been processed. More information on this to come.

KUD Razigrana Makedonka